Why we're different~

L&N Carpet Cleaning has the edge over our competitors, simply because we have the BEST-the best equipment, the best chemicals, and the best technicians. Our technicians are all thoroughly trained in carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and furniture cleaning.

All of our technicians can explain to you how the carpet is made and why you're having particular issues.  Also, they can use the proper products to take care of most any type of stain in your carpet. They will make recommendations, based on several factors in regards to your carpet, on how to maintain its life, and allowing you the most out of your investment.

All of our technicians are also certified to clean air ducts, and we follow the protocol to clean the the most effective way possible. Your air quality will definitely improve tremendously with L&N cleaning your air ducts.



                                                         Third generation of cleaning carpets and ducts, and carpet repair!