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April showers bring flooded basements

Since L&N Carpet Cleaning technicians are installers who clean carpet, when you have a water leak effect your carpet, we can save your carpet and save you money in the meantime. Springtime is upon us and that means rain here in Michigan. 

All water, clean or dirty, has organisms in it, which will effect your carpet. In Michigan, usually it's the basement where the problems are. It's dark, it's damp, and in the summer months, it's humid out. This is the perfect recipe for a smelly basement. As stated, even clean water will become stinky over time. 

L&N can come into your home and extract the water. We then pull up the carpeting, where we clean and enzyme treat both sides of the carpet. We allow that to dry properly, then we come back to reinstall the carpet and padding, if necessary. 

Your carpeting will look great and smell great also. 

L&N should be your 1st call when there's water issues. Call us 24-7, whenever needed.