Services and Pricing


Carpet Cleaning

~1 room(under 14x20) $69.95

~2 rooms(under 14x20) $89.95

~3 rooms(under 14x20) $109.95

~4 rooms(under 14x20) $129.95

~5 rooms(under 14x20) $139.95

~6 rooms(under 14x20) $149.95

~each additional room(under 14x20) $20

~hallways/bathrooms/walk in closets $10

~entry ways $10

~stairs $2.25 each, full set=1 room

~landings $5

Duct cleaning

**50% Off Special**

~$265 for up to the 1st 10 ducts

~$7 for each additional duct after 10

*count all the registers you have in the home: hot air vents and cold air returns

Carpet Repairs by Jerry

~Restretches start at $99 per room(under 14x20)

~Patching starts at $99, depends on size of patch

~Seam repair quoted upon job


Furniture cleaning

~couch $99 steam/$198 dry cleaned

~love seat $65 steam/$130 dry cleaned

~chair(small) $35 steam/$70 dry cleaned

~chair(medium/recliner) $45 steam/$90 dry cleaned

~chair(oversized) $50 steam/$100 dry cleaned

~dining chair $5 per cushion(seat/back)

~ottoman $20 steam/$40 dry cleaned

~sectional couch $140 steam/$280 dry cleaned

~mattress $59.95 per side, any size

Tile/Grout cleaning 

~Cleaning tile and grout $1.50/sq foot

*floor size not room size, will be measured; showers and backs plashes also measured for exact size

Wood floor cleaning

~cleaning and re-coating wood floors $1.40/sq foot
*floor size not room size, no buffing or sanding
*not all floors need to be re-coated, will be discussed

Auto/Rv/boat carpet and upholstery cleaning

~cleaning the carpet and/or the upholstery in your car or your toys, call for pricing